Filmmaker in Austin, Texas with primary interests in directing, writing, and digital video production/editing. Work with Escape Plan Productions.

Cell: 469-744-7433

Josef Pierre - The Struggle from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Official music video for "The Struggle" by Josef Pierre from the album "This House is Not a Home" with Above The Clouds. Download the LP here:

Music: Josef Pierre, Colby Mullen, Stetson Rhodes, William Gadd, Jirod Greene

Josef Pierre -
Above the Clouds -

Josef Pierre -
Above the Clouds -

Directed/Edited by Keller Davis, Additional Photography by Jensen Yancey & Austin Hines, Special Thanks to Chris Weachock, Sarah Lawson, Jonny Greenwald, Evy Brown, & Escape Plan Productions.
(C) 2012


Game Night from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Are you ready to play the game?

Directed by Keller Davis
Written by Jensen Yancey
Starring Ben Johnson, Jake Savell, & Andrew Cockerell.
Written by Jensen Yancey
Edited by Keller Davis
First Assistant Director Chris Weachock
Sound by Jonny Greenwald

A short film by Escape Plan Productions (Austin, TX).


The Walker from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

In his glory days, the Worthy Wanderer fought crime with his incredible speed-walking abilities! Years later, he is retired and has put those superhero days behind him. His granddaughter Katie initiates the idea to return to the spotlight as Vuvuzela wrecks havoc and annoyance upon the city. Will the Worthy Wanderer still be able to fit into his old costume and prove he's still got it? FIND OUT in.... "The Walker"!

"The Walker"
Filmed as part of the 48-Hour Film Project in Austin, Texas in Summer 2011. The short made it into the Austin Top 10 showcase and took home the awards for "Best Cinematography" and "Best Use of Character"!

Escape Plan Productions Presents a Keller Davis Film/A 48-Hour Film Project.

Starring Sonny Carl Davis, Lindsay Lewis, and Jake Savell.
Directed by Keller Davis
Cinematography by Jensen Yancey
Written by Jessica Peale
Edited by Jonny Greenwald

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Be Inspired. from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

This was a submission for the Tongal creative contest for Benjamin Moore Paints.

Filmed in a few hours on a sunday with Chris Weachock as the featured artist.


Powerpoint from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Obsession can strangle even the best of us. For Christopher, that one thing is Microsoft Powerpoint... because slides speak so much louder than words.

Winner of "Best Narrative Film" at CouchFest Film Festival 2011.
Official Selection at Texas Film Festival 2011.
Official Selection at Dallas VideoFest 2011.
Filmed as part of InSWAMPnia 24-Hour Film Competition in February 2011.

Directed by Keller Davis
Director of Photography Jensen Yancey
Written by Kara Mohr
Production Designer Hannah Woods
Starring Justin Payne, Kara Mohr, Ruben Gonzales

Music by Gurdonark:
"Relief", "Morning Dream", "Ending the Drought (Feat. Shagrugge)", "Charles the Cat"
Creative Commons - Attribution, Non-Commercial
Check out these songs & others by Gurdonark here:

Produced by Escape Plan Productions (Austin, TX).


Look at the Camera from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Ryan needs to record a video introduction for a job application and seeks the help of his friend Michelle. Through the experience however Ryan finds himself conflicted between video recording and reality.

Final Project for VIZA 643: Time Based Media I with Carol LaFayette at Texas A&M University.

Directed by Keller Davis
Starring Michael Gonzales & Alex Irizirray


Sound of the Stab from Keller Davis on Vimeo.


"I'm So Broke" - Preston Leatherman from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

The official music video for "I'm So Broke", from Preston Leatherman.

Be sure to check out Preston on Facebook and iTunes

Directed by Keller Davis & Phillip Gazca.
Cinematography & Editing by Keller Davis.
Additional crew thanks: Jessica Szeto, Sarah Niederstadt, & Amy Lea Taylor.

Special Thanks to Texas A&M SWAMP, Mugwalls Cafe, Texas A&M Kappa Alpha Theta


SWAMP Officers Video 2010 from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Aggie SWAMP (ScreenWriting, Acting, & Movie Production) Club is the official filmmaking club at Texas A&M University. This video introduces the officers for the 2010-2011 year in SWAMP!

Music: "Make me Wanna" by Girl Talk (Creative Commons)

Meetings are every Thursday night at 7:30pm in the Mitchell Physics Building, Room 213.


VIZA 643 Motion & Continuity from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Fourth assignment in Carol LaFayette's VIZA 643 course (Time-Based Media I/Videography). Use of creative, effective continuity or discontinuity based on example from Gus Van Sant's 2003 film "Elephant".

Shot with Canon T2i. Edited in Final Cut Pro.


VIZA 643 Lighting from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Second assignment in Carol LaFayette's VIZA 643 course (Time-Based Media I/Videography). Transition from low-contrast lighting to high-contrast lighting in a scene. Keller Davis, Austin Hines, Cassie Hanks.

Shot with Canon T2i. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.