Filmmaker in Austin, Texas with primary interests in directing, writing, and digital video production/editing. Work with Escape Plan Productions.

Cell: 469-744-7433

Josef Pierre - The Struggle from Keller Davis on Vimeo.

Official music video for "The Struggle" by Josef Pierre from the album "This House is Not a Home" with Above The Clouds. Download the LP here:

Music: Josef Pierre, Colby Mullen, Stetson Rhodes, William Gadd, Jirod Greene

Josef Pierre -
Above the Clouds -

Josef Pierre -
Above the Clouds -

Directed/Edited by Keller Davis, Additional Photography by Jensen Yancey & Austin Hines, Special Thanks to Chris Weachock, Sarah Lawson, Jonny Greenwald, Evy Brown, & Escape Plan Productions.
(C) 2012

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